Welcome to Redemption

Welcome to Redemption!  Our church is excited that you found us via the web and hope that your interest will bring fruit to your life.  On our site you'll find what to expect from a weekend service, where to connect to the church in the smaller intimate setting, and how to be apart of the mission God has set us on!

  • Relevant Teaching

    At Redemption, we believe that the gospel is at the center of everything we do and believe. Therefore the proclamation of Jesus’ life, death, burial, and resurrection are foundational to who we are. Our teaching time comes directly from the Bible, which, we believe is God’s inspired Word and we use the message to apply to modern day life.

  • Engaging Worship

     Our desire is to create a weekend services that include contemporary music, engaging videos, and even live performances from our Redemption Kids. We believe God uses avenues such as music to draw us into focus and prepare us for what He has in store.

  • Casual Atmosphere

    Our desire is to focus on the heart rather than the outward appearances. You’ll find at our weekend service some may dress to the nines and some come casually in their flip-flops and shorts. We want you to interact with God and not feel the need to impress people while you do.