Discipleship is the intentional pouring of oneself into others in order to help them know Christ and walk with Him daily.  Discipleship at Redemption is done in a few different ways.  Below you'll find options that might be helpful for you. We encourage each of our members to either be receiving discipleship or discipling another person.

  • Group Discipleship

    This type of discipleship usually meets around topics such as growing as a Christian, how to be a disciple who makes disciple, how to pray, theology, and so much more.  These groups are seasonal in nature and are offered in the spring and fall.

  • Man to Man

    This type of investment is one on one in nature.  Though sometimes a leader might take two guys to invest in at the same time it's usually the exception.  One on One mentoring is designed for intense growth and accountability.  Being a man is frowned on in our culture, but the Bible says a lot about being a man, and a godly one at that.  Our goal is to help men be what they are designed to be and not what everyone tells them they ought to be.  

  • Woman To woman

    Just like the men stated above, the woman to woman discipleship is just that.  With few exceptions this investment involves a mentor and a student where growth is the goal and making future disciples is the vision.  Ladies will find trust, accountability, and great prayer partners in these types relationships.

  • Marriage and Family Counseling

    Life is work.  Relationships are work.  Marriage is Work.  Kids and family are work.  Sometimes even after all the work things don't seem to be working.  Redemption Fellowship offers free marriage and family counseling to individuals who are in need.  Whether it's a failing marriage, a personal struggle, or family dynamics our pastors have all served in ministry for 18 years or more and have counseled individuals and families in numerous settings.  We will be happy to help you apply the gospel to your life.

    If you are interested in any of these options and/or you have emergency counseling needs please click here to get assistance.