COmmunity Groups

The second word in our mission is to build biblical community.  The first local church did this in the Bible by being devoted to the teaching of the leadership, sharing meals together, praying, and providing for one another's needs.  RFC seeks to keep this model going by offering community groups on a weekly and bi-weekly basis where we implement this model.

Each of our groups have a very similar schedule.  Groups meet  around the table to share dinner together.  Here they build relationships and friendships that will last for years.  After dinner the community group prays for friends and family who may need the gospel or who are looking for a gospel centered church.  Finally the group participates in Bible study by working through books of the Old and New Testament, studies such as how to study the bible, and other topics such as (but not limited to) marriage, parenting,  spiritual disciplines, work, and evangelism. 

Below you will find a list of each of our groups, their leaders, and the respected location and time. 

Locations and times

Below you will find the Community Group options available Spring and Summer of 2019.   Each of these groups eat dinner on Wednesday night at the church and then break into groups on campus.

David Brock's Group

Jody Boothe's Group

Dianna Holland's Group

Brittainy Gillespie's Group

Dawn Parry's Group